Newly Formed Punk Band Album Review Steveo & The Crippling Addictions – Desolation Monday

From the lead singer of Holy Mess comes a new musical project: Steveo & The Crippling Addictions. Recently, they released their album Desolation Monday, which is what I am reviewing. I was a bit skeptical going into this, considering the recent pop-punk albums have generally not been the best, with the exception of a few. However, this album leaped past my expectations and ended up being a pleasant surprise. When I started the album, I was greeted with a great punk melody from the song Good Kids that was definitely one of the best punk melodies of the year. Then there is the song “Girl One,” a song that has an awesome blues like guitar riff, combined with a melody just as good if not better than the first track just to sweeten the deal. Many other highlight songs include 10-4 and The City. However, the album is in no way perfect. Many of the melodies seem too similar to  each other for you to enjoy it, and that on its own is a major blow to the album as a whole. This is especially obvious in tracks like Elementary, My Dear Watkins which sounds like it was just made to fill space. Overall, the album has a lot of great melodies, but it is weighed down by the lack of creativity present throughout the album. So, from a critics’ standpoint, I would give this album a 7.2 out of 10, meaning it is a decent album, but nothing revolutionary.


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