How do you define punk?

The above is the question that everyone asks: how do you define punk? Many people say many different things, but which one is right? Is it simply the style of fast paced songs that many punk bands have? Or is punk simply anything that is rebellious, or speaks out against an issue or person? Well, in my opinion, the latter is correct. I mean, isn’t that the origin of punk? Some rebels that decided to throw together a band and speak out against things they didn’t like? But then again, the definition of punk as a music is,”A loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music.” So is that punk? Well, to be honest, their is no definitive answer. The question above will always be up for debate for their is no answer. Punk is a medium, an art form, and art can’t be explained. Their are many interpretations, but you can never no the true meaning behind it.

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